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My 2¢ on: Virgo (Astrology)

I know September started yesterday but I wasn't home for the past three days! We are now in Virgo season, a sign I've had to first hate before I could like. It's also ironic because my rising sign is Virgo and the few traits I got from them are the ones I loathe the most. However, Virgos are not all bad and I'll try to be fair from my experience!

They want to be orderly.
I put "want" in italics because I've always seen them struggle with this by overcomplicating everything. They try to find balance in every aspect of their life. Virgos can commit all their time into a project but completely let go of everything else that's important (friends, health, emotions, etc.) This makes them come off a bit cold and uninterested in a lot of things.

Virgo is practical.
Don't expect any surprises from them. This is where mature Virgos take the cake. I say mature because "un-evolved" Virgos try too hard to be the adventurous ty…

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